White Gladiolus

- Language of flower  -

White Gladiolus: Strength of character / Faithfulness, sincerity and integrity / Infatuation / Never giving up


- Birth flower -

March 23rd / March 29th / June 14th / June 16th / June 24th / July 2nd / July 8th / July 13th / July 26th / August 6th / August 8th / August 19th / September 15th / October 24th / November 10th / November 26th

White Gladiolus

  • Made With Authentic Swarovski Element Crystals!

    This beautifully handmade nail jewelry is the perfect accent piece for any special occasion!

    Each jewelriese carefully handcrafted by using authentic Swarovski crystals and other unique gem pieces.

    They are curved on the back to fit the surface of your nails.


    • The listing is for 1 piece.
    • Main Stone Color Crystal
    • Measures approximately  0.4inch*1.2inch (10mm*30mm)