Angelina ( Nail Piercing )

Angelina ( Nail Piercing )

  • Made With Authentic Cubic Zirconia!

    This beautiful, original nail jewelry is the perfect accent piece for any special occasion!

    Each jewelry piece is carefully crafted using luxury Cubic Zirconia.

    You can use this nail pirecing as a regular ear piercing or a hair piercing as well.


    • The listing is for 0.32in 2 pieces / 0.4in 2 pieces
    • Main Stone Color Crystal
    • Measures approximately  0.32in ( 8mm ) / 0.4in ( 10mm )
  • All sales are final, except in the case of products delivered in defective or damaged state.

    Please email with explanation of request for return, and include an image of the defective or damaged product.